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Ohio Co-custody Agreements Attorney

Helping Nontraditional Families With Co-Custody Agreements

If you are in a gay or lesbian relationship involving a child or children, it is probably important to you that both partners have equal rights in regard to the custodial rights and responsibilities of the child. While the biological or adoptive parent has a legally recognized relationship with the child, the other partner must take steps to establish his or her legal relationship. It is important to work with an attorney who not only possesses the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals, but who also understands your lifestyle and genuinely wants to help you.

Lisa Talmadge Meeks, Ohio co-custody agreement lawyer and a founding attorney of Newman & Meeks Co., L.P.A., in Cincinnati, has a demonstrated commitment to helping clients in the GLBT communities. Since our firm's beginnings in 1998, our firm has provided a number of legal services to the GLBT community, including representation through the complicated legal process of establishing co-custody agreements throughout the state of Ohio, including Hamilton County, Clermont County, Butler County, Warren County, Adams County, Brown County and Montgomery County. Call 513-952-9200 Ext 100 to schedule a free initial consultation with Newman & Meeks Co., L.P.A.

Co-Custody Agreements In Birth And Adoption

At the Cincinnati law firm of Newman & Meeks Co., L.P.A., we help nontraditional clients who are seeking co-custody agreements after:

  • Birth: Under Ohio law, when an unmarried woman gives birth, she is presumed to be the sole legal parent. In a same-sex relationship, the other partner will not be considered a parent, but that couple can petition the court to make their agreement legal and official through a co-custody agreement.
  • Adoption: Only one member of a same-sex relationship can officially adopt a child in Ohio. However, through a co-custody agreement, both members of the partnership can become the equal legal custodians of the child.

Under a co-custody agreement, both partners will have equal rights and a legally recognized relationship with regards to the child.

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Do you have questions about co-custody agreements for nontraditional families? Newman & Meeks is dedicated to "the best interests of the child" in all child access and child support matters. Contact our skilled Cincinnati custody agreements lawyers for a free initial consultation at 513-952-9200 Ext 100 or reach us by email.