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Ohio And Northern Kentucky Employment Lawyer

Protecting Workers In Ohio And Northern Kentucky

For most salaried employees in the workplace, contracts with employers can be extremely complex. Understanding all of the fine print regarding severance packages, noncompete agreements, benefits and compensation can be a daunting task. Working with a team of experienced, compassionate attorneys can provide you with peace of mind and protection against inadvertently getting yourself into an unfavorable contractual obligation.

Noncompete Agreement Lawyers Serving Clients In Ohio And Northern Kentucky

At Newman & Meeks Co., L.P.A., our Ohio and Northern Kentucky noncompete agreements lawyers combine more than 50 years of legal experience to provide our clients with sound legal counsel and effective representation regarding all types of employment contract matters.

Our Cincinnati attorneys Robert Brand Newman and Lisa Talmadge Meeks can protect your rights during the formation of a contract with your employer, and when sensitive severance and nondisclosure issues arise. We have been helping clients in this way since our law firm's founding in 1998.

Newman & Meeks law offices excel at negotiation, drafting and review of any document that binds you to an employer. We want the conditions for your employment to be appropriate and fair to you.

Newman & Meeks — Protecting Your Job, Your Family, Your Future

At Newman & Meeks Co., L.P.A., we can help with a variety of issues with your employer:

  • Contracts: We have a wealth of experience with contract negotiation, drafting and review. If you need us to represent your interests in determining your contractual arrangement with your employer, look over your contract with you for any discrepancies or draft a contract for you, we can help you.
  • Severance packages: When an employer severs a contract before its terms expire, or when an employer wants to free itself of liability, a severance package is typically proposed to avoid charges of discrimination. Our employment lawyers can look over the severance package or negotiate the terms of a severance package to safeguard your interests throughout the process.
  • Noncompete agreements: While it is important for an employer to be able to protect its competitive interests, noncompete agreements and clauses need to be in your best interest as an employee or former employee, as well. We can help make sure your noncompete agreement is equitable and advantageous for you.

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