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Ohio Surrogacy And Birth Order Attorneys

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Today, with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology, families are created in many different ways. Through egg and sperm donors, donated embryos, and gestational and traditional surrogacy, many people add children to their family.


If you plan to use a surrogate and you are the Intended Parent or Parents of the child, you will need an attorney to draft the contract that will guide you and your surrogate. Although my office is in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have helped Intended Parents from across the United States.

If you have agreed to serve as a surrogate, you will need an attorney to review the contract and make sure that the terms and conditions are fair and accurately reflect your understanding of your obligations. I will make sure that your contract addresses the many issues that are important to you as surrogate as you undertake this important role.

Birth Orders

One of the most important considerations is that your name, as parent, appears on the birth certificate. The process for securing a birth order in Ohio varies by county. Some counties require a declaratory judgment action filed in Probate Court. Other counties treat surrogacy as a parentage action that must be filed in Juvenile Court. I handle birth orders in Hamilton County and throughout Ohio, working with attorneys as co-counsel when necessary.

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